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Unleash Your Ride with Bjorn Cycles Palka Carbon Mountain Bike Handlebar

Unleash Your Ride with Bjorn Cycles Palka Carbon Mountain Bike Handlebar

At Bjorn Cycles, we believe in crafting components that push the boundaries of performance and reliability. Introducing the Palka Carbon Mountain Bike Handlebar, engineered to deliver an unparalleled on-trail experience, combining bomb-proof durability with lightweight precision.

Precision Engineering Meets Durability

When designing the Palka handlebar, our primary focus was to ensure it could withstand the rigors of extreme mountain biking while maintaining a featherlight feel. The Palka’s carbon layup is meticulously crafted to provide the minimum possible weight without compromising on strength or compliance. This balance ensures that your ride is not only durable but also incredibly responsive and agile.

Unmatched Manufacturing Process

The Palka handlebar undergoes a unique and labor-intensive manufacturing process. Each handlebar is laid up and molded under 50 bars of pressure, a step that eliminates porosity and potential crack development. This process guarantees that every Palka handlebar is 100% reliable, even under the most extreme riding conditions. This commitment to quality ensures that riders can push their limits with confidence, knowing their equipment is up to the task.

Lightweight Design for Superior Handling

A key feature of the Palka handlebar is its lightweight design. By reducing the weight at the front end of your bicycle, the Palka handlebar significantly enhances agility and maneuverability. This translates to precise handling on the trails, allowing you to navigate technical sections with ease and confidence. Whether you're climbing steep ascents or descending rocky trails, the Palka handlebar provides the control you need to conquer any terrain.

Custom Manufacturing for Perfect Fit

Understanding that every rider has unique needs, we manufacture the Palka handlebars to order, with a lead time of two weeks. This bespoke approach ensures that each handlebar is tailored to deliver optimal performance for its intended use.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 115 to 180 grams depending on characteristics
  • Material: Carbon
  • Max. Rider's Weight: Unlimited
  • Layup: Unique to each size, ends cannot be cut

Geometry for Different Riding Styles

For a 20 mm rise:

  • Diameter: 31.8 mm
  • Upsweep: 5º
  • Backsweep: 7º

For a flat bar:

  • Rise: ±5 mm
  • Diameter: 31.8 mm
  • Upsweep: 0º
  • Backsweep: 8.5º

Designed for All MTB Disciplines

The Palka handlebar is versatile, designed for all mountain biking disciplines. Whether you're into cross-country, trail riding, enduro, or downhill, the Palka handlebar is built to enhance your performance and withstand the demands of any riding style.


The Bjorn Cycles Palka Carbon Mountain Bike Handlebar is more than just a component; it's a commitment to excellence in mountain biking. With its perfect blend of lightweight design, robust durability, and precise handling, the Palka handlebar empowers riders to push their limits and explore new trails with confidence. Order your custom-made Palka handlebar today and experience the difference in your ride.

Embrace the trail with Bjorn Cycles and let the Palka handlebar elevate your mountain biking experience to new heights.

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