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Discover the Ultimate in Dog Tracking and Training with the Garmin Alpha 10

Discover the Ultimate in Dog Tracking and Training with the Garmin Alpha 10

When it comes to hunting with your canine companions, having reliable and efficient tracking and training tools is essential. The Garmin Alpha 10 Compact Dog Tracking and Training multi-GNSS Handheld stands out as a top choice for hunters seeking versatility and high performance in a compact design.

Unmatched Flexibility and Functionality

The Alpha 10 offers incredible flexibility for the serious hunter. This compact handheld device can be used on its own, or it can be connected to your compatible smartphone or another Garmin dog tracking device for enhanced functionality. When paired with the T 5 and TT 15 dog devices, the Alpha 10 allows you to track up to 20 dogs, with each additional device sold separately. This system can track dogs up to 9 miles away with an impressive update rate of up to 2.5 seconds, ensuring you always have the most current information on your dog's location.

Comprehensive Tracking Features

Multi-GNSS Support

The Alpha 10 is equipped with multi-GNSS support, providing accurate tracking through GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS satellite systems. This ensures reliable performance in various terrains and environments, giving you peace of mind no matter where your hunt takes you.

Extended Battery Life

Planning a multiday hunting trip? No problem. The Alpha 10 boasts up to a full week of battery life, reducing the hassle of frequent recharging and allowing you to focus on the hunt.

Customizable Dog Corrections

Training multiple dogs? The Alpha 10 makes it easy to issue customized corrections for each dog right from the handheld device. With 18 levels of stimulation, you can tailor the training experience to each dog's needs, enhancing their performance and behavior in the field.

Seamless Integration with Other Devices

The Alpha 10 isn’t just a standalone device; it’s designed to integrate seamlessly with other Garmin products for enhanced functionality:

  • Garmin DriveTrack GPS Navigator: View your dog's location on the in-vehicle GPS navigator, making it easier to track while on the move.
  • Garmin Wearables: Sync with select Garmin wearables, such as the fēnix, Instinct, and tactix series, to receive quick tracking updates directly on your wrist.
  • Garmin Explore App: After the hunt, use the Garmin Explore smart device app to review dog tracking data, replay the hunt, and more.

Compact and Durable Design

Despite its powerful features, the Alpha 10 maintains a compact and durable design, making it easy to carry and handle during your hunting expeditions. Its robust build ensures it can withstand the rigors of outdoor activities, providing you with reliable performance season after season.

Why Choose the Garmin Alpha 10?

The Garmin Alpha 10 Compact Dog Tracking and Training Handheld is a comprehensive solution for hunters who demand the best in tracking and training technology. Its ability to track multiple dogs over long distances, extended battery life, customizable training options, and seamless integration with other Garmin devices make it an indispensable tool for any hunting trip.

Elevate your hunting experience with the Garmin Alpha 10 and ensure that your canine companions are always safe, well-trained, and within reach. Whether you’re on a solo expedition or hunting with a pack, the Alpha 10 has you covered.

Explore the full potential of your hunting adventures with the Garmin Alpha 10 – the ultimate companion for every hunter and their trusted dogs.

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